Thursday 28 February 2008

How The Whale Got His Throat

This is a work in progress for some book cover sleeves I am designing for Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories'...... three more to come!!

The Honey river and the Goose

This image was inspired by a dream I had recently. It is also a poster for a friend, from Dorset who owns many beehives and his busy bees have allowed him to start his own company producing honey, beeswax lip balm and yummy all sorts.


He is a cross between an ibis and a caterpillar... don't know where he lives yet, maybe on a deserted Island?

Crows Typing

An illustration for a Christmas Calendar for Altoir, a legal training Co. for solicitors.

Come Down Town

This is album cover design for my friend who is in the long process of creating his own album, titled after one of the tracks, 'Come Down Town'. I am hoping that when it is done I might do an animation that would come as a d.v.d with the album.

Stragers have the sweetest candy

This was for an album cover design from my 2nd yr Editorial module.

Album poster

Inside the album, on the back of the leaflet is this poster. The birds from the front have dispersed in color!

Bird in the Moon

Banged Up

Doodle fun, pen on paper

The Funeral

doodle fun, pen on paper


doodle fun, pen on paper...

Indian Cattle

This is a Christmas card for 2008. It is a competition I have recently won for a charity called Kalimpong, for helping orphans in India. It will be on sale in October/November.



Plough day

After the frosts on a sunny Autumn's day the fields were being ploughed. Hodmedod the scarecrow stood happy on his post.

The Big Blow

A rock flew out from under the plough and struck Hodmedod right on his head. When he came round he had forgotten what he was meant to scare!


Perhaps I'm a Scarehen, Hodmedod thought. The hens look confused as he came wailing towards their coop.

Cluck Cluck

The chickens were not scared, they just carried on pecking at their corn.


Maybe I'm a scaresheep, thought Hodmedod. The sheep just looked up at him blankly and didn't even flinch.


Maybe I'm a Scarehorse... but the horse wasn't scared, he started munching Hodmedod's hay stuffing!


Hodmedod thought, maybe I'm a scarecow, but the cows were not scared, they were busy being milked.


The crows Squawked and Squawked and scattered away.