Thursday 29 September 2011

...Claude 4....

So he looked a little too old... so I think this one is a balance between the 2... I hope!

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Latest Claude.....

.... and so the development of Claude continues. I'm not sure about the glasses but the publshing company felt he need to look a bit older...

Tuesday 20 September 2011


I am starting on 'Claude', written by Will Brenton. Published by Egmont ltd.
Here is a the start of developing Claude. He will most likely change considerably. I will try and post the development process as it is interesting to see how long it takes to get a leading character just right.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Tate Modern

I was in the Tate Modern yesterday and stumbled across this in the Tate Modern Shop. It is the 2nd book I did way back when called, 'How to be a Ballerina'. Published by Carlton Ltd. Written by Harriet Castor Jeffers. Annie Hoot was also in there but I only got a phone snap of this one. I spent a couple of hours in the Tate going around the collections. Spent 45 mins of that sitting on the floor of the shop in the kids book section. It is these moments that reassure how passionate I truly am about children picture books.

Monday 12 September 2011


First painting in the new studio. This is an original for someone's birthday coming up very soon. It has got me excited to produce some more original artwork and leave out the computer all together. No more hiding behind photoshops many gifts.

London -Herne Hill, Clapham North

I have moved back to the big smoke and into a new studio in Clapham Common.
I am now part of 'Studio Strike' a collective of South London artists. There are a lot of great things going on. I will let you know when there are open studio's and events coming up if you are in the area.

The Big Birthday

written by Kate Hosford
Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown
Published by Lerner Publishing ltd.

I have just finished the 2nd in the series of books for US publishers Lerner ltd. It follows on from the first book The Big Bouffant and is another tall tale about Annabelle. It should be out and about some time next year.

Here is a peek at the inside artowrk;

Greenpeace @ Glastonbury

I took on the massive project of illustrating a cornered wall in the Greenpeace fields this year. They were each roughly 25 m long about 2.5m high. My theme was 'Sustainable Fishing'. Unfortunately I have lost the lead for my camera so these are not the best shots. I had a great crew of girls working me, Jo, Kym, Chloe and Bex. It was the biggest challenge to date of my career and took 2 and a half weeks to paint come rain, shine or storm it was painted under a make shift shelter from morning to night fall.