Sunday 4 October 2009

The Owl and the Pussycat

Finally I have found some time to nurture my artistic soul as my worked has eased off a bit. It feels so good to being doing my artwork. I am hoping to get these new pieces of artwork up in some local cafes and bars.

The White Rabbit and Alice

Swan Lake and Ballet Class moc up spreads

Front Cover- Moc up

sample for Ballet book pitch

I was contacted back in august my agency that Carlton Publshing were interested in using me to illustrate an interactive scrapbook of sorts book written by a previous professional Ballerina. This is the sample image I had to do up for them very quickly to pitch with. I got the job!!

'Paloma' for The ArtFile

Introducing my own ranges of cards with company 'The ArtFile'. This is the first x12 card range all for 'Birthday's'. Here are a sneak at some of the final images.

To see the whole 'Paloma' range go to;

Filberts Bees Ltd.

More labels..!! I have recently done x3 more labels for Filberts, their products are doing really well and expanding. Here are the new designs. Look out for them creeping their way into shops.

Kayleigh & her Bedfriends

I was commissioned by a Ed Pyke to illustrate a short child's picture book which he had written based on his girlfriends imaginary friends. It was a really fun little project that I worked on whilst I was on holiday. It was great to have a lot of artistic freedom with it and enjoy what I was doing without having to go back and forwards too much with publishers. Here are a few pages from the book.

Matilda Smith

Mable Smith

Rachel Smith commissioned me to do two paintings for her gorgeous little girls. She got married back in August and her girls had a naming ceremony. The paintings were for the front of the naming books she made for them.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Molly & her magic potatoes

This illustration was not for anyone or anything in particular, which was golden.

Molly Moon-Pea is going to make some magic potato soup that will make her invisible so that she can sneak into Florence Chutney's garden and devour her amazing bed of strawberries without being seen. The snail is suspicious and Chilli, her cat which resides on her large padded bottom is also partial to strawberries but likes them soaking in a bowl of full fat cream sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Hansel & Gretel charcter work

This is a color character illustration of Hansel & Gretel (explanation below)

Loving the patchwork bloomers and dress! It reminds me of this amazing patchwork dress the my elder sister had when we were kids... I was and still am very jealous of it.

Hansel & the Witch

This is from Hansel & Gretel (explanation below)

It is from the scene in the book where the witch is trying to feed Hansel to make him fat so she can eat him!

Hansel & Gretel

I have been working recently under the creative direction of Ellie Warton, who is a publishing and editorial agent with The Bright Agency. She suggested to me a while ago that she thought my work would suit the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales.

So we have decided on Hansel & Gretel, Rumplestiltskin and Rupunzel.
I have done a couple of illustrations of Hansel & Gretal and here they are.

Egg Cups

These are lovely jazzy egg cups. This was with the market stall dates nearing in mind as work to put on our stall, 'Paper Moon'.

I really love to make normal objects quirky and create character.
The pirate being a contending favorite. Perhaps I would eat more boiled eggs if I had a range of egg cups like these to cheer up breakfast.

Root Vegetables

My friend Lucy Barfoot,, an artist who I share my studio with and I have decided to collaborate together by selling our work at some markets and fairs this summer. We are going to be at Bath Market on June 13th and more dates after on the Saturday and possibly Sundays.

So with this venture in motion I have started working on the some more images to sell on our stall with is going to be called 'Paper moon'.

I have started growing lots of vegetables this year at home along with my two housemates, and they are growing like crazy, so with veg on the mind I jazzed them up in this illustration. Patchwork radishes.. I wish for them to come out of my allotment.

Growing Cupcakes

This is another color card for Artfile, which is explained on the post below. This would be ideal for a birthday or thank you card. It would be lush if cupcakes could grow out of the ground like this. The ideas for the Artfile range have been inspired by a book jacket cover design that I did whilst on my degree course with a little man picking letters of a large tree. I like the unusual scaling of little against large. Of course not forgetting some jazzy print and patchwork clothing. the range is going to have a kind of elves and shoemaker feel about it.


I have been doing up some color samples for a card company called Artfile. I found out last week that the would like to do a 12 card range with me. Here is sneak at what is to come.

My agent is still in discussion with them and I don't think that they are going to be about in shops till 2010, but I thought I would post you what i have worked up so far.

The Giant Blue Bear

This illustration is yet another publishing sample. Pattern and patchwork is spreading like wild fire through my illustrations, I just can't seem to get enough of jazzy prints! Milly is measuring the bear up for size, she's the little dress maker who created the gem waistcoat the big blue bear is wearing with pride.

Bonjour Milly

This is another publishing sample I have done for my agency. Luke the little mouse, Hattie the hedgehog and Ludo the vole greet Milly with open arms as they clamber out of the water. I particularly admire the mouses patchwork trousers.

Super Turtle

I have not updated my blog in a while so I am having a big session of uploading all of my most recent work from the past few months.

This is an illustration that I did inspired by the tale of the Tortoise and the hare. It is for my agency, The Bright Agency; to use as sample publishing work. The hare looks terrified!

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Tug of Acorn

Leap frog

This is a publishing promotional piece I did for my agency, The Bright Agency.

Lily Pond

have a Jolly Day

how are you?

Cupcake Boquet

Tea in a tree

Love Heart

This was a valentines card I did, I would love if a boy brought me a giant heart on his back.

Silver Fox

This is a painting a was commissioned to do for an anniversary gift for a lady's husband.... his nickname was silver fox.