Thursday 23 December 2010

Elephant White

; written by Will Brenton, Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown
published by Tenplar Publishing Ltd

I have spent the past coupld of months on lock down in the studio doing the roughs for my two new books. Here are some of the sketches. Magical paintings to come I hope.


; written by Will Brenton, Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown. Published by Egmont ltd
roughs for the new book.


Wednesday 17 November 2010

Monday 8 November 2010

Flying Fish

Finally I have everything back in order. A month ago I had my studio broken into in London and had everything taken. I am now back in the game with new computer and scanner.... this is the first piece of artwork I have done to celebrate. More on the way.....

Thursday 15 July 2010


Will and I have another book on the go..... it's not yet been taken to a publishing Co. but I am working on some samples;


So here is the first experiment of "an original", I have used pastel paper and gouache paint, with chalk pastel for the background. I am going to frame this in a box frame incorporate a bird cage around the bird. I'll post it up as an image wen it is done.

It's been great to use new materials and experiment again!!

Monday 12 July 2010

Following the route

I have been unable to update my blog for a while as I have been working hard on the Ballet book which I have Finished!!!
It has gone to repro and will be out later this year. I can't post up any more of the images for copyright and exclusivity issues.
I am now in full swing of the Big Bouffant color artwork...

So in the meantime here is little drawing... done in my new studio in Stoke Newington.

Saturday 24 April 2010

Flying Fox

release of the quirk. Whilst I am enjoying the painting of girls with jazzy tights and mounds of hair, I had to take a couple of days this week to get this out of me.

How to be a Ballerina - Carlton Publishing Ltd.

Show time spread;
Here is a little sneak at how the final artwork for the ballet book is looking. I am hard at work on this book alongside The BIg Bouffant at the moment.

How to be a Ballerina - Carlton Publishing Ltd.

The Garden spread;

The Big Bouffant - Lerner Publshing Ltd.

I have been sketching out the layouts and front cover ideas for the book. Thought I'd post up some of the pencil work to show you the very first stages of a book. The color artwork is starting very soon...

Wedding Logos

My Cousin Olivia is getting married this summer and she asked me to design some logos for her invitation. She is tying the knot at our grandfathers apple orchid in somerset, home to the cider 'Orchard Pig'.... hence the piggy and apple illustrations.

Elephant White sample- Front Cover

So here is a sneak at what Elephant White is shaping up to look like. It is going to be a Novelty book with all sorts of amazing embossing delights, and foiling and tings. These are the last of the samples for Bologna Book Fair and The London Book Fair. I am too excited for this project.....

Elephant White sample- Pirate Sledgeship

Elephant White sample- Red Swallows

Elephant White sample- Badger Pirate

Trapeze MIce - Elephant sample

Two Sides of the Coin- Exhibiton @ Centrespace Gallery

The week of the show was a while ago now, it completely exceeded my expectations and was a great week. Thank to all of you who came down and showed the love and all who purchased and lent a helping hand. I drank a record breaking amount of tea whilst curating.

Saturday 6 February 2010

Whale in the Bath

I have got my solo exhibition coming up very soon, March 19th-24th. I will post up the flyer and poster I have done soon. So I found some time to do another 'solo' piece with the show in mind.

Claude written by Will Brenton

These are a couple of samples I have been working on currently with Will Brenton, (who wrote Elephant White). More amazing tales have come my way and here are the very early visualizations of the text.

Claude- Rickety Rocket sample 2

Rags to Ritches sample

I've recently done this sample for a story called Rags to Riches, which is being taken to Random Hse. There are exciting plans for these dolls to be manufactured and celebrities and clients with design their clothing. It's early days with this project so I'll keep you posted (insufficiently I am sure)

E. White 'Mouse Circus' smaple.

... Into the New year and nose to the grindstone. Here's another taster of things to come with the development of Elephant White. Meetings have occurred...exciting times ahead.


Over Xmas in France with the family. I relaxed over this painting and took my time, a luxury that I don't have any more with painting. I enjoyed every cathartic brush stroke.

The Artfile; x16 Xmas card range

...just a taste of the x16 card range I have just completed with the Artfile. This is my third range with The Artfile. To see more please go to;

Comission for Archie Ahern

This was a commission I did for Archie just before Xmas for a friend of his. I hope she liked it.

Toy Train

...just a little artist time... solo work being good for my soul.

Lucy & Elephant White sample 2

Elephant White sample

Around November I got a email from a lovely man called Will Brenton, Director of Wish Films and producer of many other creative enterprises. He had sent me over some of the most beautiful stories he had written. Since this joyful day, with the help of my amazing agent Ellie Wharton, the stories have landed in the nurturing hands of publishing co. Templar and the book is due to go ahead this year. There are no words to describe quite how exciting this new venture with Will and these stories is... watch this space.

Organic Bike

This was a little something for my best friend (the lovely) Becca Rose, who moved to Bristol last year and she inspired this piece... so I gave it to her as a house warming gift.

Alfie Hop samples with Andersen Press Ltd.

I have been working on a new story with Andersen Press Ltd. who are publishing Annie Hoot in April. Here are the samples of the new character, 'Alfie'.

'The Big Bouffant' with Lerner Publishing Ltd.

Here are the samples that I did for a book with a US based publishing co. Lerner LTD.
They liked them and the book is going ahead this year and book 2 to follow after.

First Class spread

I have once again been neglecting updating my blog. I've had way too much on my plate. But I've been poorly and I am lying in bed and finally doing some much needed posting!

...SO many changes have been made and here's the final result of the Ballet book spread.
Last week I was up in London and had a mega meeting with Calrton ltd. where we were finalizing all the spreads. This book is now in full swing and is going to be GREAT!