Thursday 15 July 2010


Will and I have another book on the go..... it's not yet been taken to a publishing Co. but I am working on some samples;


So here is the first experiment of "an original", I have used pastel paper and gouache paint, with chalk pastel for the background. I am going to frame this in a box frame incorporate a bird cage around the bird. I'll post it up as an image wen it is done.

It's been great to use new materials and experiment again!!

Monday 12 July 2010

Following the route

I have been unable to update my blog for a while as I have been working hard on the Ballet book which I have Finished!!!
It has gone to repro and will be out later this year. I can't post up any more of the images for copyright and exclusivity issues.
I am now in full swing of the Big Bouffant color artwork...

So in the meantime here is little drawing... done in my new studio in Stoke Newington.